Travelling on public transport such as metros, buses, and cabs poses health risks due to the Corona pandemic. Purchasing a car is an option if you have sufficient money (you would not be commuting on public transport if you had that kind of money). Additionally, navigating through short lanes is not possible for a car. You have two options left: either purchase a bicycle or buy a motorcycle. Although cycles do not cost as much as motorcycles do, it is tedious to commute large distances on them. In such a scenario, purchasing a motorcycle is the best option. Confusion reigns large when you search online for motorcycles, as there are so many brands and models to choose from. However, the brand Honda is miles ahead of its competitors. You will not face any budgetary constraints when buying a Honda motorcycle from reputed Honda motorcycle dealers, as they stock many models across different price ranges. There are so many models to choose from that you will feel confused.

Opt for a reputable dealer

It is best to make your purchase from a reputable dealer, as you know that they will provide you with reliable and timely after-sales service. You are at peace of mind in the knowledge that the technicians of the company have a valid license, carry third-party insurance, and have the state of the art diagnostic tools to troubleshoot your Honda motorcycle, locate the problem, and fix it with original spares. It is a known fact that many crooked dealers replace the damaged part of motorcycles with cheap imported spares. Not only does this cause harm to the other parts of the motorcycle, but the replaced part also does not last for long. On the contrary, a genuine dealer with provides a guarantee with the original spares. If the part breaks down while still under warranty, they will replace it free of cost, including labour.

Which model to choose

Check for different factors as the cost of the motorcycle and its CC (cubic capacity). A motorcycle with a higher cubic capacity is more powerful than one with a lower CC. The other factors you should check for include:

Tyres and wheels

Chain and sprocket





Exhaust, and

Overall appearance

If required, sit on the vehicle, hold its handles, and check whether you are comfortable with it. The height of the seat should be such that you can easily put your feet on the ground while seated. If price is a concern, go for the Honda CRF50F, the longest-running off-road model, which costs £1,649. If price is not a factor, purchase the CRF300L or the SH350I, both of which cost £4,999. You can select from many other models. Contact Motoden Honda today to find out more and understand why motorcyclists consider Honda as the king of motorcycles.