Simply because you have motor insurance doesn’t mean that you will come out of an accident unscathed. In fact when it comes to an accident with a motorcycle which was your fault, your insurer could actually have to go through a damages case and payout a substantial amount of money. If this happens then your insurance premiums in the future will go through the roof, so there is certainly some cost on your part. Furthermore there is also the emotional anguish of having caused an injury to someone because of the way that you have driven. A friend of the site who is a lawyer for car accidents and injury claims, has broken down some of the more common causes of car accidents in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you want to avoid a case like this, here are the driving behaviors you have to be conscious of. 

Taking Left Turns

Accidents when drivers are taking a left turn and collide with motorcycles actually makes up 50% of all of these types of accidents. We most often see this kind of accident take place on interstate junctions, because the motorcycle can fall into the blindspot of the vehicle. The best way for you to avoid such an incident is to be fully aware of your surroundings whilst you are stopped, when you have almost zero blindspots. 

Distracted Whilst You Are Driving 

Aside from the incidents involving a motorcycle distracted driving accidents have been very much on the rise in the last decade. This is down to the increase in tech and gadgets which we have inside the car as we are driving. Despite what you may think, it only takes a split second of distraction for you to drive into trouble, especially when it comes to motorcycles. These bikes can arrive very quickly and from spots which you may not have seen, and if you take your eyes off the road to change the radio station or check a text, you could easily end up in an accident with them. 

Slow Lane Changes

When you are changing into the faster lane then you have to ensure that you are at the very least matching the speed of the traffic which is coming from behind you in that faster lane. What many drivers fail to recognize is the speed at which motorcycles can approach, because of the great levels of acceleration which they have. Understanding the distance of clearance which you need and the speed which you need to match is critical in making safe lane changes. Additionally you should always ensure that you have fully checked your mirrors and turned your head to see what is coming. 

Nobody wants to get into an accident and it is important that we separate negligence from intent. An accident with a motorcycle if you are driving in a car can be very damaging for all parties involved and that is why you must seek to avoid it from happening.