Buying a new car is always an exciting venture. The vehicle is still new and shiny, and we want it to look like that forever. However, the damage from small rocks, heat, temperature changes and other factors ruin the vehicle’s appearance. 

On the bright side, we have various means of protecting the car. One of such methods is a paint protection film. Keep reading this article to learn more about the benefits of this vehicle protection method for your car. 

What is a Paint Protection Film?

A paint protection film (or PPF)is a film produced from thermoplastic urethane. Sometimes the film has self-healing properties, but often, it is used to protect the new or restored surface of the vehicle. PPF is applied on new and used cars to protect their surface from stone chips, heat, and other types of damage that include:

  • Scratches caused by small rocks and other road debris.
  • Chemical stains caused by acidic substances in the environment.
  • Deeper chemical marks.
  • Most water spots caused by mineral deposits.
  • Paint fading caused by UV exposure.

Covering the vehicle’s surface with a paint protection film will ensure that none of these factors will affect the car. However, environmental factors damage the film instead of damaging the car’s surface. So, is it possible to remove the film when it’s too damaged?

Can You Remove the Paint Protection Film

Yes, car owners can remove PPF and apply a new one. Moreover, you can cover the following parts of the vehicle:

  • front end and bumper;
  • fenders;
  • the hood;
  • grille;
  • side view;
  • door edges;
  • mirrors;
  • headlights.

Car owners may expect to cover the entire surface of the vehicle. When the damage is causing the car to look less shiny and new, they can replace the film with a new one. 

Benefits of a Paint Protection Film for Your Car

Applying a paint protection film to your car has numerous advantages. Starting from saving money on car paint to a better car condition. Here are some of the benefits of using PPF:

  • Enhanced finish. Customers can purchase a film that will produce a glossy or matte finish to the car. The glossy finish looks a lot shinier, even in comparison to the surface of new cars. 
  • Advanced chemical protection. You can achieve great results for a reasonable price without installing an expensive carbon fiber body.
  • Self-healing. The most popular paint protection film manufacturers produce products that have self-healing properties. Car owners can remove most minor scratches by applying heat or using detailers services. 
  • Resistance to high temperatures. The film blocks UV and IR radiation that causes damage to car parts and paint.

The PPF is perfect for car owners who prefer replacing their vehicles every few years. The car isn’t s damaged, so it’s possible to sell it for a better price. At the same time, the car owner doesn’t need to spend money on carbon widebodies that often cost a fortune.