If you’re in the market for a new car for your family or if you’re choosing your first car, you may not know where to start! When there is more than just you to think about, it can be hard to know which car will be suited to your family’s needs. The guide below outlines the most important factors you should consider when buying a family car and how to make your choice that little bit easier!

Factors to consider when buying the perfect family car: 

It can be hard to know which family car to buy, however there are important factors that will help to increase your family’s safety and comfort whilst also fitting in with your budget.


For many drivers, their family’s safety will be number one priority. Most modern cars will come with more than enough safety features as standard and if you’re wondering how safe a car is, you could check it’s Euro NCAP rating. Euro NCAP have created a five-star safety rating system that indicates how safe a vehicle is. They replicate real world scenarios to test different vehicles and see how they perform. Most cars nowadays abide by this rating, and most are given a 4- or 5-star review when manufactured but it can be worth checking for yourself.


The amount of space you need within your vehicle could depend on the size of your family or how you use your vehicle. If you’re just starting out, you may be better suited to a hatchback as they usually provide enough space for a small family. Alternatively, you could get a used 7 seater car on finance if you have a larger family or need more room for sports equipment or pushchairs. Whatever your requirements are, it can be a good idea to go and see potential cars in person so you can get an idea of their actual size rather than online shopping.


One of the most important factors is how much you can afford for a car. Depending on how you want to buy your car, your budget may vary. If you’re looking to get a car on finance, your monthly budget should be realistic and affordable. Running a busy family can be expensive so it’s important that your car finance payments don’t leave you in the lurch each month. If you fail to repay your finance it can also lead to more serious financial implications and if the car is a secured loan, the lender can take the car off you. It can be hard to pay for a car with cash alone as both new and used cars can cost thousands of pounds and many families may not have this sort of disposable income to spend.

Running costs

When you buy a car, unfortunately the payments don’t stop there. However, you’ll be pleased to know that running a car doesn’t have to be as expensive as it needs to be. There are certain cars that benefit from lower running than others. You will need to factor in the cost of refuelling your vehicle with petrol or diesel or recharging your electric car. You will also need a valid annual MOT in place if your car is over 3 years old. Each car in the UK also must have a valid insurance policy in place too and the cost of the premiums can vary depending on your personal circumstances and also the car you choose.

Fuel efficiency

When it comes to family cars, fuel efficiency can be really important. Having a busy family usually means you will cover a lot of miles, whether it’s weekend family road trips or taking the kids to a sports match, mileage is crucial! Choosing a car that isn’t fit for purpose can drain your pocket and if mileage is one of your main concerns, you could look to get a car that provides good miles per gallon. This can help to save you money and also give you higher mileage.